Good morning! I’m Karin!
Linguist and expert on multilingualism

The Italian Linguist Karin MartinI was born and raised in Italy and discovered my deep passion for foreign languages quite early in life. While I was studying Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Verona I joined the Erasmus Program and spent two years in Germany. This is where I developed personal strategies to learn German and worked in a big international company. I was awarded my Bachelor Degree in 2004 with the thesis “The intercultural character of an international company – PT/SMP department by Robert Bosch GmbH”. Afterwards I moved to Barcelona to learn Spanish.

After two years in Spain, I got my Master’s Degree in Linguistics at the University of Verona, with the thesis “Scalar implicatures and language pathology – A research proposal on dyslexia.” I discovered the fascinating world of developmental dyslexia and became a professional tutor for supporting dyslexic students. In the course of my work as a tutor I developed different strategies to overcome foreign language learning difficulties. I taught English and Spanish combining my teaching abilities with my experience as a language learner.

After obtaining my Master’s Degree I won a scholarship for a PhD Program in Linguistics and was to learn even more about dyslexia, language acquisition, language learning and bilingualism as a resource for individuals and society. During my French sojourn in Toulouse I designed an experimental protocol to analyze foreign language learning difficulties in children with developmental dyslexia. In September 2013 I gained my PhD in Linguistics with the thesis: “Developmental Dyslexia and Foreign Language Learning. A working memory approach.”

I am self-employed in Austria, putting on conferences, training courses and consultant services on the topic of multilingualism. I also work as a freelance Italian teacher. In my conferences I help people to appreciate the benefits of bilingualism and to find useful strategies to manage and promote it both at school and in the family. I teach educators and professionals how to create an environment that encourages multilingualism and multiculturalism. I underline the importance of maintaining the mother tongue and I teach effective strategies for learning other languages. 

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